Understand the Importance of Expert Grease Trap Maintenance

Posted on: December 10th, 2014 by admin No Comments

Restaurant owners and managers understand the challenges that can occur with the maintenance of a grease trap. We specialize in catering to the needs of all types of restaurants, and we ensure that by using our services, you will be able to successfully avoid the hassles that can be associated with an overused or backed-up grease trap.

A grease trap prevents grease from interfering with the other parts of a restaurant’s plumbing. However, with the large amounts of grease that can be produced by a restaurant’s daily activities, sometimes the grease trap becomes clogged or backed up almost before the manager or restaurant owner can become aware of the problem.

Any restaurant owner or manager knows all too well the amount of grease that can be produced in a restaurant simply from a single night of serving dinner. This grease is designed to be skimmed away from the other liquids in your plumbing system so that it doesn’t cause problems. However, if a grease trap system has not been serviced in a long while, or even if it does not receive regular maintenance or pumping, a grease trap system can still become blocked and overworked.

At APS, we have extensive knowledge and experience in working with all the various types of grease traps and grease trap systems which exist. Grease trap systems can range from the more simply passive systems which can be found in the kitchen sinks, to the most elaborate grease traps which utilize a Grease Recovery Device. No matter the size of your restaurant or business, we can provide full services for grease trap pumping to suit your current and future needs.

Regular grease trap maintenance of all types of grease traps can ensure that restaurants avoid the costly and frustrating hassle of dealing with a backed-up grease trap. When a grease trap system does become overworked, the resulting effects can produce potential health and even safety violations.

Let APS serve all of your grease trap maintenance needs so you can avoid a health code violation or even the dangerous effects of a potential grease fire! We have the expertise and know-how to deal with removal and full-service pumping of any kind of grease trap system you might have in your establishment or business.