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The solids that accumulate in septic tanks should be pumped out regularly, usually every three years at least, more often if usage requirements merit it.  If they are not removed, eventually those solids will overflow and build up as a blockage in the drain field clogging the soil to the point that no wastewater is able to flow into the soil.

This sewage effluent may either back up into your dwelling or flow across the surface of your drain field.  In the event this happens, a new drain field will have to be constructed in a different location on your lot.  Merely pumping the septic tank at this point will not repair the system.  Because the drain field cannot absorb any more wastewater, only a few days relief will be accomplished until the septic tank once again fills up.

Generally, the only maintenance required for a septic tank is regular pumping.  Neglecting this regular schedule, or even the introduction of some additives, can increase the likelihood of experiencing a drain field failure by causing more solids to pass through the septic tank.

Pumping the system is also the only way to check the septic tank for possible leaks and to inspect the baffles.  It is rare for a modern septic tank to develop leaks.  However, if the tank is metal, its lifetime will be about 20 years and will need to be replaced when it fails.  This is an important thing to consider when purchasing an older property with a septic system and should be part of the real estate inspection.

With Affordable Pumping Services you are ensured a septic system that is properly designed, installed, and effectively maintained.

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